Areas of Practice

Business Law

Starting up a new business in the Mississauga area? Deciding between the legal implications of a sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation? Have a question on how the law impacts your business?  Chera Law Firm is able to advise you on a variety of legal issues and processes to establish and protect your business.

Services Include:

• Purchase/Sale of a Business
• Incorporations
• Creation or maintenance of a corporate minute book
• Advising on Shareholder disputes
• Advising on general Corporate Law matters
• Drafting and advising on:

o Asset purchase agreements
o Share purchase agreements
o Lease agreements
o Shareholder agreements
o Partnership agreements

Real Estate

Whether it’s purchasing a home or selling a property, Chera Law Firm appreciates the value individuals and families attach to these investments.  Chera Law Firm is pleased to act for the vendor or buyer to provide the legal services necessary to complete your transaction.

Family Law

Family life has its up and its downs.  Chera Law Firm understands that family matters involving divorce, separation, and/or child custody are difficult to navigate and that individuals expect their lawyer to be compassionate.  Chera Law Firm will provide you sound legal advice for these family law matters.

Whether your matter involves a divorce, drafting a separation agreement, or child and spousal support, contact Chera Law Firm for exceptional and compassionate client service.


Chera Law Firm recognizes the value in avoiding litigation when more cost-effective solutions such as skillful negotiation maybe more appropriate.  However, where litigation is the appropriate course of action Chera Law Firm is prepared to advocate strongly on your behalf.

Whether you are asserting a claim or need representation for a defense, contact Chera Law Firm will zealously assert or defend your claim in order to achieve the best outcome possible.

Wills & Estates

There is no substitute for prudent planning, and it is never too early to plan.  It is critical for the protection of your loved ones and the wealth that you have accumulated over your lifetime that a Will is drafted to comply with your wishes.  Chera Law Firm understands the confidence individuals entrust in their lawyer when drafting a Will and the Firm is pleased to counsel you on a Will and/or related matter.

Criminal Law

The protection of civil liberties and fundamental rights are critical in a fair and democratic society.  Every citizen charged with an offense is entitled to certain rights including the right to a defense.  Chera Law Firm will strive to ensure that the rights of citizens are protected and that a complete and vigorous defense is delivered.

Whether your matter involves a bail hearing, impaired driving or over 80 charge, or other Criminal Code or related statute offenses, contact Chera Law Firm for excellent client service.


Other Services – for all other legal inquiries, please contact Chera Law Firm.